Feed your mind.

Two easily digestible syllables: BUCU. A mouthwatering pairing of burgers and cupcakes. The Feed Your Mind campaign was targeted towards our neighbor, DeVry University, in Paramus, NJ. The idea was that when students are in-between classes, they come hang at BUCU study hall for boss burgers and craving-inducing cupcakes, socializing, free Wi-Fi and maybe even studying. Special hours were set for daily DeVry discounts and Pig Out punch cards were available at all times for free noms. Frequent patrons would qualify for even more free BUCU bites. BUCU is more than a burger-cupcake joint, it’s a frat party in your mouth.

To get the message out there and drive traffic, we created in-store signage, on-campus signage and collateral, OOH, a rewards card, BUCU buttons and a social campaign: #BUCUSTUDYHALL.